Meenu Saxena

Her Heart beats for Indian Tradition

In the colorful world of Indian ethnic fashion, Meenu Saxena is a name that resonates with the love for tradition. Her educational journey, with a Master’s in Organic Chemistry and a B.Ed, might have started in the sciences, but her heart has always danced to the rhythm of fashion.

Meenu is known in her community as the go-to person for advice on Indian ethnic wear. Her knowledge of the rich variety of Indian artistry, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, has made her a beloved figure among those who seek to keep our culture alive through clothing.

Meenu’s story is not just about the transition from a homemaker to an entrepreneur but is an inspiring saga of blending the traditional with the modern. Baedesi, her brainchild, is a reflection of her belief in the timeless elegance of Indian wear, and her brand’s tagline “before anything else…” echoes her commitment to placing culture and quality at the forefront.

As Meenu Saxena unveils Baedesi to the world from the heart of Noida, she invites you to be part of a journey that celebrates Indian ethnicity with a contemporary flair. Her brand is a gateway to the exquisite, the exceptional, and the ethereal world of Indian ethnic fashion, and through Baedesi, she offers not just attire, but an experience woven with the threads of Indian heritage.